Stop whatever you’re doing and go see Alex! She’s a hair god! So before I found out about salon milage, I bleached my hair from black to blonde, AT HOME! which meant I had to bleach it more than a few times, so the result wasn’t pretty, and my hair was left fried. I did my research and found out that salon milage does Brazilian blowouts. I called to make the appointment and Alex was very professional and pleasant on the phone. I went in for a consultation, and luckily she had blocked off the time to do the service if I decided to go through with it (how awesome is that?). She explained everything she was doing step by step as well as the aftercare. I had gotten keratin treatments at other salons and I had never had good results. But Alex knew exactly how to treat my hair, which I find so important. Now, when I usually get my hair professionally blow dried, I always have to go home and have to go over again because they never know how to work with my hair since it’s so frizzy, but leaving salon milage, I had healthy, silky hair. I will never ever see any other hair stylist in my life as long as Alex is in the business. She has completely transferred my hair from a frizz ball into long sexy healthy hair. I can guarantee you that once you get your hair done at salon milage, you will never regret it or want to go see anybody else.